Aloha EDC credit card troubleshooting| Need Aloha help

If you started having issues with EDC on Monday Jan 16th, 2017, Did your EDC stop working. EDC Stop processing cards, won’t let you settle cards from last night, you are not alone.  Follow this Aloha EDC credit card troubleshooting guide. Do to a system wide upgrade, if you are not using EDC ver 12.3 or higher and you process your credit cards through Visanet under the tsys platform you will need an upgrade immediately.  This is for the SHA256 mandate.

edc ver 14

Newer version of EDC


For now, First thing you should do is turn EDC off so your cards can spool on the Front of house while you wait for upgrade.  Failure to do so could result in lose of credit card transactions.  Don’t let your EDC not working get in the way of you loosing money.

Next thing you should do is call us right away for Aloha EDC troubleshooting.  We can get you upgraded to the newer version of EDC as long as you have Aloha ver 5.3 or higher.

During the upgrade your FOH will reboot atleast 3 times.  So be prepared for some downtime during the upgrade.  It can take as little as 15 minutes to as much as 45 to complete.  It will depend on the speed of your back office computer, and what version of Aloha you currently have.

When you are ready call us.  We will walk you through the steps to get us remote access.

You can get connected here

The process is simple and easy and requires little from your other than getting us connected and logging into EDC when the upgrade is complete to test.  We will stay connected and will be with you until you are working 100%.

Sadly your processor should have given you an email update about this weeks ago.  So you had time to prepare.   Don’t wait a few days and think its a temporary thing.  Its not.  Firstdata did there change over DEC 27th of last year.

If you are using Heartland, RBS, Worldpay  or Paytech you are fine for now.  However, you should still upgrade now for the new Mastercard bin requirements

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