Best EMV option for older Aloha systems

If you are like many others, you have an older Aloha system, the cost to upgrade is not even in your 4 your plans.  You are still in luck.  The solution to going to chip readers is not upgrading your Aloha and FOH terminals.  But, instead move to Clover Flex.

Clover Flex is a pay at the table solution.  It does not interact with Aloha in anyway.  If you move to Clover Flex for your processing, you will save money in other areas.

Labor.  Currently your staff sift through endless credit card slips as they adjust there tips at the end of the night.  With Clover, they input as they go or not at all.  This can save 10 minutes of labor per shift per staff per day.  That adds up quick.  Also table turns can decrease by 5 to 10 minutes.  No longer is the server making 3 trips to give bill, tender card, wait for signature.  Now they can hand the bill, along with the device.  Walk away with payment stored.  It works even when your internet does not thanks to 3G technology built right in.  You can also turn any smart phone into a hotspot for wifi access.

Hardware.  A new Aloha terminal with chip reader can be as much a $1700,  Clover Flex are less than $500 and are true EMV solution as the card never leaves the patrons hands

Charge Backs.  Because you no longer swipe, you now stand better chance to win charge backs.  You are not touching the cards, they are 100% chipped.

Delivery’s.  If you do deliveries, drivers can collect payment at the door.  With built in tip suggestions you decide on, your staff will see increased tips as well

MetaData.  Clover can provide data on where your patrons are coming from, Collect cell phone or emails to use later for blast spot advertising.

With the Clover Flex, you can still run tabs at the bar.  Run pre authorizations for large parties.



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