Axial Commerce

We are real excited over here for our new partner Axial Commerce 

Axial is a great alternative to the following apps

Pulse, Hot Schedules, Aloha Insight and backup.

Unlike Aloha insight which can be difficult to setup the reports you want Axial was written by restaurant owners and managers.  They created the most common reports for you.  Should you want something specific, send them an email.  If the data is there, they can pull it out into a report.

Just check out some of its features like

Real Time Operations

Time and Attendance

Labor Reports

Sales reports

Compare Multiple sites at one time

Its an all in one product that gives real time sales data, alerts for high comps and voids, Sales analytics and so much more.  Best of all its runs on all versions of Aloha with the need to purchase any additional license or upgrade your software.  Works on versions 5.3 and up.

Some features coming out soon will be tip reporting and Payroll integration.  They also say by the end of the year they will be ready for Micros.

Right now they are offering a 30 day trial to see all it has to offers. We have installed on a large group of clients already and the response has  been very positive.  Most are saying how much they love it.  “Its so much better than Pulse.”

Click on the link and see for yourself.

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