Aloha POS System EDC issues and Spooling

Aloha POS System Edc Spooling

If you are having having trouble with your EDC. So you have put the system in spooling mode by stopping POS in EDC.  Later your internet returns and you want to get all those spooled files processed.  If EDC is setup correctly, just turning on POS processing should do the trick.

However, if EDC has not been setup correctly here are the steps to get those transactions

Anytime the master terminal takes over as for edc spooling , .req files begin to be spool to the \EDC directory on the master terminal. If EDC is running on the master, it catch those files and processes them and give a mock authorization.

From your BOH computer goto the run command and type

\\term1\bootdrv\aloha\edc  if term1 was not the master try term2 or term3

There will be many 1000##.spl files plus 1 spooling file.  Delete the spooling file, don’t need that anymore.  Copy and paste the rest of those files to


Start EDC and turn on POS processing if you have not done so already

Then open a command prompt by going to the run command or search box and type cmd and press enter

Change directory using dos command.  I will assume Aloha folder is stored on the d drive under this path D:\bootdrv\aloha

so from the command prompt

d: press enter

cd bootdr\aloha\edc press enter

rename *.spl to *.req Press Enter

Now watch EDC process all those transactions



Aloha POS Tech Support

We can help you with Aloha POS EDC spooling limit exceeded issue. We offer Aloha POS Tech Support on an hourly rate, at a price you can afford. When you call most of the time, it will be the experts answering the call.   No call backs  or long hold times, Your issue is dealt with right away.

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