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Need Ahola Help is a reliable 3rd party alternative to an Aloha© support company.  If you are currently under a support contract with a NCR or affiliate, then you should call NCR to find your local dealer  1-877-794-7237.  We are not part of your support contract.  This is not a free service.

“Aloha is a registered trademark of NCR Corporation.”

We have been providing 3rd party Aloha support since 1998.  Our team of experts has been providing support for Aloha since version 3.6.  Old or New Aloha Manager is not an issue for us.

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We do not have high cost service contracts. In fact we don’t have any contracts.  We offer Aloha POS Support on an hourly rate, at a price you can afford.  Our rates start at $130 an hour.  When you call 99% of the time, it will be the tech answering the call.  No long hold times, or call backs.  Your issue is dealt with when you call.

Need Ahola Help prides itself on providing the best 3rd party  Aloha POS Support service. We understand  Table service, Quick Service, Delivery, EDC, Gift cards, Ecard, PMS Interface and just about any other interface.  It does not matter if you are using the Newer versions or Legacy versions we can solve your problem.

We can help with hardware issues.  If you bought hardware off of EBay, Craigslist, a restaurant auction or somewhere else and now want it to work in your environment, give us a call. We can help get you setup.  Provide any missing cables, equipment and direction on how to wire your location.  We can write your menu and train your Managers to train your staff.  We have all kinds of documentation and easy to use step by step guides.

Would you like your credit cards to auto settle each night, or have an email each day with last nights sales and product mix?  For a small fee we can get this setup for you.  Sales reports can either be in Excel or Word format.  Chefs love having a Pmix of what was sold the day before to help them with reordering.  Bar managers will love being able to have a reference to check inventory.

If you are Merchant service provider and need a Restaurant or Night clubs EDC changed. We have flat fee’s to you or your client.  We can help with PCI compliant*.

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*PCI compliance is more than just hardware and software it is also environmental.

This site and its advertised services are in no way sponsored, provided by or endorsed by NCR, Radiant or any Aloha dealer.